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Miniature Golf

When it comes to mini golf, we’re truly the Masters. In our quest to set ourselves from the field and keep things fresh, we offer two very different styles of courses – the innovative Play-A-Round and our traditional 9-hole. Our putt-putt has personality…offering different layouts on each hole as well as the option to add another layer challenge with our optional Deluxe Obstacle (bridges, loop-the-loops, etc.) package. We’re also known for decorating our traditional course with props that mirror your event’s theme. That way, your course also tells a story. How fun is that? Lastly, while both courses are intended to be played as a 9-hole — or combine the two for an amazing 18-hole! – you can also rent them as a 3-hole add-on to complement another attraction.

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Play-A-Round 9-Hole Mini Golf