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Lounge Furniture

Couches, Love Seats and Chairs…oh my!

It’s hip, it’s cozy and it’s cool! Whether your taste is swanky high-back modular furniture or low and casual loveseats, we’ve got a little something for everyone. Let us create a “chill” area away from the ear-splitting music, where guests can just hang out…and maybe even bond over a game of Giant Jenga or Connect Four (hint, hint). Or how about an exclusive area for your VIPeeps consisting of versatile modular furniture and our crazy-cool cocktail tables (see below) – complete with stanchions and ropes.
Sorry, bottle service not offered.

LED Furniture Gallery

Perfect for school dances, birthday parties or even corporate events looking to capture a nightclub feel that exudes cool while taking the event to another level.

Liquid Fusion Cocktail Tables:  How COOL are THESE?

Like playing Skeeball at Dave & Buster’s, our cocktail tables – yes, cocktail tables! – are mindlessly addictive. How, you ask? Available in an assortment of colors, these trippy tables are like a lava lamp and stress ball rolled into one…as the accompanying video will attest. They’re so cool that guests will suffer from withdrawal when your event ends. In addition to their aesthetic value, they’re also quite convenient (battery powered = cord free!).

Accessories Gallery


Liquid Lava Video